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Innovations made by hands

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Innovations made by hands

Established in 1986, Prempracha's Collection has continually strived for excellence in design and quality within the fine art of ceramic. With an international design and development team, talented local artisans, and dedicated staff, Prempracha's Collection has gained an international reputation as one of the leaders for fine stoneware ceramic.

Our spacious factory and showroom in Chiang Mai feature both mould making and hand forming sections, unsurpassed glazing technologies as well as hand carving and hand painting studios. At Prempracha's, we continually developing new concepts and techniques and aim to translate current fashion and home decor trends into our ever-expanding stoneware range. We are a full service and well organized factory with over 1000 unique designs including tableware, vases, wall art, decorative items and garden accessories.


Prempracha's Collection has long been recognized as one of Thailand's leading ceramic factories due to its unsurpassed capabilities and its talented and diverse creative team. Prempracha's has amassed a world of ceramic knowledge since its inception nearly 20 years ago and continues to do so to this day. Our staff travels around the world visiting studios, attending tradeshows and seminars, visiting collections and participating in workshops in order to keep up to date on the latest developments in ceramic artistry. Through this knowledge, Prempracha's Collection fuses Eastern and Western styles, philosophies and techniques to create truly unique and diverse stoneware ceramics.

Prempracha’s Collection

224 M.3, Chiang mai-Sankampang Rd., T.Tonpao, A.Sankampang Chiang mai, 50130 Thailand
Tel.: 66 5333 8540, 66 5333 8857, Email:
Operating Hour: 8:30 - 17:30, Monday - Saturday

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